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Program Description


None Currently Active


FIC: Limited Competition: Framework Programs for Global Health Innovation (D43) (PAR-12-003)

FIC: Limited Competition: Fogarty HIV Research Training Program for Low-and Middle-Income Country institutions (D43) (PAR-13-126)


FIC: Limited Competition: Planning Grant for Fogarty HIV Research Training Program for Low-and Middle-Income Country institutions (D71) (PAR-13-214)


NIH: Short-Term Courses in Research Ethics (T15)


NIA: Aging Research Dissertation Awards to Increase Diversity (R36) (PAR-13-152)

NIDA: Drug Abuse Dissertation Research (R36) (PAR-13-182)
NIMH: Mental Health Research Dissertation Grant to Increase Diversity (R36) (PAR-12-103)

T37 None Currently Active


NIH: NIH Summer Research Experience Programs (R25) (PAR-13-104)

NCI: National Cancer Institute (NCI) Cancer Education and Career Development Program (R25) (PAR-10-165)

NCI: Cancer Education Grants Program (R25) (PAR-12-049)

NIA: NIA MSTEM:  Advancing Diversity in Aging Research (ADAR) through Undergraduate Education (R25) (PAR-12-016)

NIBIB: NIBIB Research Education Programs for Residents and Clinical Fellows (R25) (PAR-12-085)

NIBIB: Team-Based Design in Biomedical Engineering Education (R25) (PAR-13-111)

NHLBI: Short-Term Research Education Program to Increase Diversity in Health-Related Research (R25) (RFA-HL-13-020)

NHGRI: Initiative to Maximize Research Education in Genomics: Courses (R25) (PAR-13-012)

NHGRI: Limited Competition: Initiative to Maximize Research Education in Genomics (R25): Diversity Action Plan (PAR-13-063)

NIAAA: Alcohol Education Project Grants (R25) (PAR-11-205)

NIAID: NIAID Science Education Awards (R25) (PAR-11-086)

NICHD: Educational Programs for Demography and Population Science, Family Planning and Contraception, and Reproductive Research (R25) (PAR-11-292)

NICHD: NICHD Research Short Courses (PA-12-207)

NIDDK: NIDDK Education Program Grants (R25) (PAR-12-047)

NIDA: Research Education Grants for Statistical and Computational Training in the Genetics of Addiction (PAR-12-199)

NIDA: NIDA Research Education Program for Clinical Researchers and Clinicians (R25) (PAR-13-084)

NIGMS: Short Courses on Mathematical, Statistical, and Computational Tools for Studying Biological Systems (R25) (PA-11-351)

NIGMS: Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD) (R25) (PAR-13-082)

NIGMS: Postbaccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) (R25) (PAR-13-085)

NIGMS: Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (RISE) (R25) (PAR-13-196)

NIMH: NIMH Short Courses for Mental Health-Related Research Education (R25) (PAR-12-262)

NIMH: NIMH Research Education Programs Supporting Psychiatric Residents (R25) (PAR-12-263)

NIMH: NIMH Mentoring Networks for Mental Health Research Education (R25) (PAR-12-264)

NIMH: NIMH Research Education Mentoring Programs for HIV/AIDS Researchers (R25) (PAR-12-273)

NINDS: NINDS Research Education Opportunities (R25) (PAR-13-240)

NINDS: NINDS Neuroscience Development for Advancing the Careers of a Diverse Research Workforce (R25) (PAR-13-256)

NINDS: NINDS Clinical Trial Methods in Clinical Neurological Disorders Course (R25) (RFA-NS-14-001)

FIC: International Research Ethics Education and Curriculum Development Award (R25) (PAR-13-027)

FIC: Limited Competition: Global Health Research and Research Training eCapacity Initiative (R25) (PAR-13-107)

OBSSR: Short Courses on Innovative Methodologies in the Behavioral and Social Sciences (R25) (RFA-OD-13-009)

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