Multi-Project Funding Opportunities Requiring Electronic Submission
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Multi-Project Funding Opportunities Requiring Electronic Submission


Title FOA Number Related Issuing Org Released Opens Expires Activity Code
National Cooperative Drug Discovery/Development Groups (NCDDG) for the Treatment of Mental Disorders, Drug or Alcohol Addiction (UM1)   PAR-13-087  Related  NIMH  01-11-2013  01-22-2013  10-23-2015  UM1 
Limited Competition: Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network (U19)   PAR-13-147  Related  NIA  03-21-2013  04-25-2013  05-26-2016  U19 
Limited Competition: Biomarkers for Older Controls at Risk for Dementia (BIOCARD) Study (U19)   PAR-13-148  Related  NIA  03-21-2013  04-25-2013  05-26-2016  U19 
Center of Excellence for Research on CAM (P01)  PAR-13-220  Related  NCCAM  05-02-2013  08-25-2013  01-08-2015  P01 
NIDA Research Center of Excellence Grant Program (P50)  PAR-13-222  Related  NIDA  05-06-2013  08-25-2013  01-08-2016  P50 
National Cooperative Reprogrammed Cell Research Groups (NCRCRG) to Study Mental Illness (U19)   PAR-13-225  Related  NIMH  05-08-2013  08-25-2013  01-08-2016  U19 
Renewal of Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence [COBRE](P20)   PAR-13-243  Related  NIGMS  06-07-2013  08-25-2013  09-26-2015  P20 
NIAID Investigator Initiated Program Project Applications (P01)  PAR-13-254  Related  NIAID  06-28-2013  08-25-2013  09-08-2016  P01 
NICHD Program Project Grant (P01)   PAR-13-257  Related  NICHD  07-02-2013  08-25-2013  09-08-2016  P01 
NIA Program Project Applications (P01)   PAR-13-258  Related  NIA  07-02-2013  12-27-2013  09-08-2016  P01 
NIDA Program Project Grant Applications (P01)   PAR-13-259  Related  NIDA  07-03-2013  08-25-2013  09-08-2016  P01 
Novel NeuroAIDS Therapeutics: Integrated Preclinical/Clinical Program (P01)  PAR-13-267  Related  NIMH  07-08-2013  12-07-2013  01-08-2016  P01 
NIDDK Program Projects (P01)   PAR-13-266  Related  NIDDK  07-08-2013  08-25-2013  05-08-2016  P01 
Diabetes Research Centers (P30)  RFA-DK-13-004  Related  NIDDK  07-17-2013  05-17-2014  06-18-2014  P30 
NIDCD Clinical Research Center Grant (P50)   PAR-13-277  Related  NIDCD  07-18-2013  09-01-2013  06-03-2016  P50 
Support of NIGMS Program Project Grants (P01)   PAR-13-280  Related  NIGMS  07-19-2013  08-25-2013  09-08-2016  P01 
Developmental Mechanisms of Human Structural Birth Defects (P01)   PAR-13-285  Related  NICHD  07-25-2013  08-25-2013  09-08-2016  P01 
Research Centers in Injury and Peri-operative Sciences (P50)   PAR-13-291  Related  NIGMS  08-02-2013  08-25-2013  09-08-2016  P50 
Revisions to P01 Awards for Research on Detection of Pathogen-Induced Cancer (DPIC) (P01)   PAR-13-297  Related  NCI  08-06-2013  11-11-2013  12-12-2015  P01 
Revisions to P50 Awards for Research on Detection of Pathogen-Induced Cancer (DPIC) (P50)   PAR-13-298  Related  NCI  08-06-2013  11-11-2013  12-12-2015  P50 
NHLBI Program Project Applications (P01)   PAR-13-316  Related  NHLBI  08-06-2013  08-25-2013  09-08-2016  P01 
Revision Applications to P01 Awards for Research on Imaging and Biomarkers for Early Cancer Detection (P01)   PAR-13-317  Related  NCI  08-07-2013  11-11-2013  12-12-2015  P01 
Revision Applications to P50 Awards for Research on Imaging and Biomarkers for Early Cancer Detection (P50)  PAR-13-318  Related  NCI  08-07-2013  11-11-2013  12-12-2015  P50,  
National Cancer Institute Program Project Applications (P01)  PAR-13-321  Related  NCI  08-07-2013  08-25-2013  01-08-2015  P01,  
NIA Revision and Resubmission Program Project Applications (P01)  PAR-13-329  Related  NIA  08-09-2013  08-25-2013  09-08-2016  P01,  
Revisions for Early-Stage Development of Informatics Technology (P01)  PAR-13-330  Related  NCI  08-12-2013  10-18-2013  06-19-2015  P01,  
Revision Requests for Active Alzheimer's Disease Core Centers (P30)  PAR-13-342  Related  NIA  08-30-2013  12-26-2013  01-08-2017  P30,  
NIGMS National Centers for Systems Biology (P50)  PAR-13-351  Related  NIGMS  09-11-2013  09-23-2013  10-24-2014  P50,  
Revision Requests for Active Alzheimer's Disease Centers (P50)  PAR-13-353  Related  NIA  09-16-2013  12-25-2013  01-08-2017  P50,  
NIBIB Biomedical Technology Resource Centers (P41)  PAR-13-376  Related  NIBIB  10-18-2013  12-25-2013  01-08-2017  P41,  
Cancer Center Support Grants (CCSGs) for NCI-designated Cancer Centers (P30)  PAR-13-386  Related  NCI  11-07-2013  12-25-2013  01-08-2017  P30 
Animal and Biological Material Resource Centers (P40)  PAR-14-005  Related  ORIP  11-21-2013  12-25-2013  01-08-2017  P40,  
Botanical Dietary Supplement Research Centers (P50)  RFA-OD-14-001  Related  NCCAM  12-05-2013  05-06-2014  06-07-2014  P50,  
Center for Advancing Natural Products Innovation and Technology (U41)  RFA-AT-14-006  Related  NCCAM  12-05-2013  05-27-2014  06-28-2014  U41,  
Biomedical Technology Research Resource (P41)  PAR-14-021  Related  NIGMS  12-10-2013  01-04-2014  01-08-2017  P41,  
Specialized Programs of Research Excellence (SPOREs) in Human Cancer for Years 2013 and 2014 (P50)  PAR-14-031  Related  NCI  12-11-2013  01-13-2014  09-24-2014  P50,  
Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) (P20)  PAR-14-035  Related  NIGMS  12-12-2013  01-26-2014  01-29-2016  P20,  
Centers for AIDS Research and Developmental Centers for AIDS Research (P30)  PAR-14-041  Related  NIAID  12-17-2013  06-27-2014  07-29-2016  P30,  
Limited Competition: Specific pathogen free macaque colonies (U42)  PAR-14-066  Related  ORIP  01-09-2014  04-07-2014  01-08-2018  U42,  
Cystic Fibrosis Research and Translation Core Center (P30)  RFA-DK-13-007  Related  NIDDK  01-14-2014  05-18-2014  06-19-2014  P30,  
Alzheimer's Disease Core Centers (P30)  RFA-AG-15-001  Related  NIA  01-16-2014  04-14-2014  05-15-2014  P30,  
Alzheimer's Disease Research Centers (P50)  RFA-AG-15-002  Related  NIA  01-16-2014  04-14-2014  05-15-2014  P50,  
Research Centers for Pharmacogenomics in Precision Medicine (P50)  PAR-14-075  Related  NIGMS  01-23-2014  08-25-2014  09-26-2016  P50,  
Beyond HAART: Innovative Approaches to Cure HIV-1 (U19)  RFA-AI-14-004  Related  NIAID  01-24-2014  06-28-2014  07-29-2014  U19,  
Mutant Mouse Resource and Research Centers (U42)  RFA-OD-14-003  Related  ORIP  01-24-2014  04-01-2014  05-02-2014  U42,  
Novel, Alternative Model Systems for Enteric Diseases (U19)  RFA-AI-14-011  Related  NIAID  01-27-2014  04-29-2014  05-30-2014  U19,  
Human Immunology Project Consortium (U19)  RFA-AI-14-007  Related  NIAID  02-03-2014  08-18-2014  09-19-2014  U19,  
Revision Applications for Research on Metabolic Reprogramming to Improve Immunotherapy (P01)  PAR-14-087  Related  NCI  02-04-2014  06-10-2014  12-15-2016  P01,  
NEI Collaborative Clinical Vision Research Project Grant (U10)  PAR-14-096  Related  NEI  02-12-2014  04-25-2014  05-08-2017  U10,  
Silvio O. Conte Centers for Basic or Translational Mental Health Research (P50)  PAR-14-120  Related  NIMH  02-26-2014  04-25-2014  05-26-2016  P50,  
Consortium for Food Allergy Research (U19)  RFA-AI-14-003  Related  NIAID  02-26-2014  05-19-2014  06-20-2014  U19,  
Integrated Preclinical/Clinical AIDS Vaccine Development Program (IPCAVD) (U19)   PAR-14-122  Related  NIAID  02-28-2014  06-15-2014  03-14-2015  U19,  
NIBIB Biomedical Technology Service Centers (P30)  PAR-14-145  Related  NIBIB  03-05-2014  04-25-2014  09-08-2014  P30,  
Population Dynamics Centers Research Infrastructure (P2C)  RFA-HD-14-016  Related  NICHD  03-07-2014  04-06-2014  05-07-2014  P2C 
Feasibility Studies to Build Collaborative Partnerships in Cancer Research (P20)  PAR-14-152  Related  NCI  03-10-2014  04-16-2014  03-20-2015  P20,  
Atopic Dermatitis Research Network (ADRN) (U19)  RFA-AI-14-033  Related  NIAID  03-20-2014  06-08-2014  07-09-2014  U19,  
Modeling Immunity for Biodefense (U19)  RFA-AI-14-028  Related  NIAID  03-21-2014  06-18-2014  07-19-2014  U19,  
NIAID Division of Allergy, Immunology and Transplantation: Statistical and Clinical Coordinating Center (UM2)  RFA-AI-14-016  Related  NIAID  03-26-2014  06-18-2014  07-19-2014  UM2,  
Physical Sciences-Oncology Centers (U54)  PAR-14-169  Related  NCI  04-01-2014  05-09-2014  11-26-2015  U54,  
Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Centers (P30)  RFA-AG-15-003  Related  NIA  04-03-2014  05-23-2014  06-25-2014  P30,  
Limited Competition: NIMHD Exploratory Centers of Excellence Pilot Research Projects (P20)  RFA-MD-14-003  Related  NIMHD  04-16-2014  05-19-2014  06-20-2014  P20,  
Limited Competition: Transdisciplinary Collaborative Centers for Health Disparities Research Coordinating Center (U54)  RFA-MD-14-002  Related  NIMHD  04-16-2014  05-19-2014  06-20-2014  U54,  
NINDS Program Project Grant (P01)  PAR-14-183  Related  NINDS  04-21-2014  04-25-2014  05-08-2017  P01,  
NIDA Core "Center of Excellence" Grant Program (P30)  PAR-14-186  Related  NIDA  04-23-2014  08-25-2014  01-08-2017  P30,  
Genomic Resource Grants for Community Resource Projects (U41)  PAR-14-191  Related  NHGRI  04-24-2014  05-30-2014  01-26-2017  U41,  
Limited Competition: Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) Phase III - Transitional Centers (P30)  PAR-14-178  Related  NIGMS  04-24-2014  05-30-2014  05-27-2016  P30,  

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