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Be Prepared

Find out how to prepare for and manage crises. The 4 key elements to an institution's preparedness are:

  1. Animal programs
  2. Security programs
  3. Integrated communication plans
  4. Community outreach
Also see: How NIH Can Help

For Researchers & Institutions

Good animal care and good science go hand-in-hand

NIH is committed to the highest standards of animal care and use in the research it supports, and upholds federal regulations and policies that ensure ethical use of animal models. NIH encourages the use of the most appropriate models for scientific research, including animal models. The knowledge gained from this research is used to develop life-saving treatments for diseases and conditions affecting the health of Americans and the world community. This knowledge ultimately saves lives and improves the quality of life for individuals, their families, and all of society.

Arrow See the NIH fact sheet on the benefits of animals in research.

Arrow Also see the NIH Media Releases about animals in research.

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