Enhancements and Validations in Development

Important:  We post our plans for upcoming enhancement and fixes well in advance of their delivery to help system-to-system service providers plan for their own development efforts. We try our best to keep these documents current as our plans evolve. Please keep in mind that these are *draft* documents and are subject to change. 


  • Working towards opening up ASSIST to support single-project applcations in 2015
  • Migrating single-project validations to the Submission Validation Service (SVS) over several code releases
    • Expect SVS to be used to validate production applications when ASSIST is made available for single-project applications
    • Timeline for opening up SVS to external users is under discussion
  • Implementing PHS Additional Indirect Costs form to allow us to gather the additional indirect cost information needed to correctly calculate the indirect costs for the applicant organizations when entire compoents of a multi-project application are led by other organizations
  • ASSIST enhancements and fixes
    • Relaxing validation for Congresional district for non-primary site
  • Addressing system error recieved when the R&R Subaward Budget form does note include the Organization Name
  • Processing change to properly handle validations when the previous application was offically withdrawn
  • Application Image Generation
    • Include hyperlink from Sr/Key Person Summary to individual biosketches for multi-project applications
    • Add explanatory text to Total Direct Costs Less Consortium F&A table


Next major production release: January 2015

  • Draft Single-project Validations - January 2015 (not yet available)
  • Draft Multi-project Validations - January 2015 (not yet available) 
    • Note: The validations for some forms have migrated to the Submission Validation Service  for Single and Multi-Project Applications document. Until we are fully transitioned to the the new document, please use both.
  • Draft Submission Validation Service for Single and Multi-project Applications - January 2015 (not yet available) 
    • Over time, all single and multi-project validations will migrate to this new document. Initially, SVS will only be used in production for multi-project application processing.

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